Apex Legends Parody Review

Apex Legends Parody

Apex Legends Parody Is Your First-Person Shooter Cumshooter

Shooting and cumshooting is what I do all day and all night. I go out protecting this town from all kinds of scums and then I just walk into any house and cum on any whore who thanks me for my community service. That’s the life of a sheriff and if you want to shoot and cumshoot too, you could just find your own town to protect. If you don’t want to move out West, you can have that experience with Apex Legends Parody. This first-person shooter porn game is a spoof of the Apex Legends FPS. And it has some great chicks in it who are down for any kind of kinks if you manage to shoot them down first. It’s a pretty interesting game. You’ll love it!

Men VS Women In The Wildest Shootout 

This game has all the male and female characters in different teams. You will play as one of the guys and your task will be to shoot the chicks. When you manage to shoot them down, they’ll drop on the spot and you can run to them and have their pussies and asses as prize. You can have the girls for yourself, in threesomes or in gang bangs with your whole team. There are different guns you can use and all kinds of abilities. 

The sex gameplay is pretty great too. You will be able to put it in all their holes. You can make them deepthroat your cock and you can cum wherever you want on their bodies. The threesomes are coming with spit roast fucking and with double penetration, while the gang bangs are featuring bukkake endings. You can choose to have the girls completely naked or dressed up in some of their gear. If you like army girls, this game is excellent for you.

The Graphics Are Astonishing In This Game

This is one of those new games getting everyone to change from watching porn to gameplaying it. And it has some great graphics, with amazing body design and responsively, with facial expressions that are well synced with the things you do to the girls and also with sex sound effects such as gagging, pussy squeaking and excellent moaning or screams when you go hardcore on the holes of the babes. There’s no dialogue, but the game doesn’t need any. 

What I love the most about this game is the ability to change the camera angle. You can enjoy the action in POV, you can have a third person view over the whole action, but also some close ups on the pussies and asses getting stretched or on the faces getting covered in cum. The game works on any type of computer and mobile device. You can play it in your browser and you don’t need registration, instalment or any extension. Just hit the play button and you’re in. As I said in the title, get ready to shoot and cumshoot the hottest cunts in FPS games.

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  • Pros

    Apex FPS Porn Game

  • Pros

    Multiple Camera Angles

  • Pros

    Threesome And Gangbangs


  • Cons

    No FFM Threesomes

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