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The very name of Eros Blog suggests these folks are different!

When I opened Eros Blog, I was actually very surprised... It was something different! A little bit of humor, a little bit of erotica... This site was promising! The design, the texts to read here, the pics... I had high hopes! but I was very disappointed to see that they still don't have many posts. What a bummer! The authenticity is evident, though. I still think this place is fucking awesome! The very premise of the site is this: 'Sex Blogging, Gratuitous Nudity, Kinky Sex, Sundry Sensuality'... First of all, hats off! These words are original and I fucking love it! This hot little fucker has sexy shenanigans you can view, and I see stunning ladies doing nasty things. Yes, the nudity is here, kinky sex acts are here, sensuality - there are some very artistic photos that look vintage, and I like this aspect of the site. The name of the blog reveals to you right away that this place is different, and I fucking appreciate originality! Here's what I don't like, though - the content is too fucking limited! I need more! Where the fuck did they hide the rest of the content?! I only see a few posts and let's face it - who can get off from staring at 5 pics?! We need more meat, we need tits and pussies, loads and loads of them! This is what I don't like. But the only reason I hate it is because the content is unique and delicious, from what I can see, so I need more! These few images are exactly what you need, but these bastards only tease us by not giving us more!

These folks sure have a sense of humor!

The organization of the site could be way better, and this is just something I can't get over! I don't know how to use these navigation tools. Am I fucking stupid, or are they?! Seriously, I've written about another site recently, and since I wasn't very pleased with the design, I was very drawn to leaving a comment, giving them my web designer's number! Now I think these fellas need it more, not because of the site's appearance, but the organization. What do you think? I am a generous sheriff, I might even treat them! But I really want to see some changes here, I don't think other site visitors will like this, and I just want the best for everyone! After all, as a sheriff, I need to make sure everyone is content. The pics have some descriptions, and these are not bad. Some of them are very humorous and creative, which is something I am a big fan of! Most sites keep it simple or elegant, but these folks... They like to have fun with things they put here! I like it! Fun is a very important thing in life. If you like having fun, mofo, I think this little blog porn site is something you should check out! Go and see it for yourself!

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  • Pros

    A different approach to porn

  • Pros

    Artistic pictures

  • Pros

    A sense of humor

  • Pros

    It's free


  • Cons

    Lame organisation

  • Cons

    Not much content to enjoy

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