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Girl Scanner - a lovely site with hot features

Holly shit, there is free premium porn on the web, did you fucking know it?! Yes, mofo! There are sites that offer premium porn for fucking free! You pay 0 fucking dollars! 0 centavos! 0 pounds! 0 yens! 0 krones! 0 levs! I can do this for hours, actually, but you get my point - The Internet has smutty content that is compliments of the house! Now, that's what you need! So, since I know you want sites like this, today I will talk about Girl Scanner, a porn site that offers recent releases of movies coming from big studios. Now, just like every other smut site, this one is not perfect. Here's what I like about it - they download flicks from premium sites and upload them on theirs. The content here is incredible! First of all, you have so many delicious categories and pornstars, you have scenes you like and the variety of videos is pretty evident the minute you visit the site. I like the design of Girl Scanner. It's dark and easy on the eyes, and everything looks... Well, I could say compact. The organization is lovely, the features are totally user-friendly, you have a search option at the top of the page, and you can choose by sites or pornstars. The search bar is something I am very pleased with. I typed busty dick sucking blonde just to see if it this engine was advanced or not. It is. The site offered very juicy videos with awesome titles! I will copy one for you - Lubing up Her Vocal Cords! Now, that is a creative sex vid title!

Things that make the site less... well, perfect

But I need to point out that some things here are not compatible with my taste. Some options here are simply redundant! They serve no purpose, they are just here to look pretty. What the fuck is that about?! Ok, if these folks are still developing, that is acceptable. But ain't nobody want to see shit that does nothing on a porn site, really! What am I talking about? Crap like registration. Usually, when fuckers registrate on porn sites, they get some perks, no? They get access to more content, or they can leave comments and become a part of a active community. But this is not the case here! With registration, you get... Nada! Nichts! Rien! And while they have useless registration, they don't have a fucking FAQ page! What the hell?! But wait, I have more things to complain about. Some fucking videos can only be watched on third party-sites. While this is not the worst thing in life, I have a right to hate it! Other than that, I would say that you will fucking love this place! You have awesome titles that are very enticing, and you will feel like opening every freaking clip here! The navigation is pretty smooth and everything looks peachy. It's a great site, I have no doubts about that!

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  • Pros

    Premium porn that is fucking free!

  • Pros

    Smooth navigation

  • Pros

    Downloads from hot studios

  • Pros

    Diversity of flicks


  • Cons

    Features that serve no purpose

  • Cons

    Third-party sites that get in between

  • Cons

    Some aspects are simply questionable

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