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Anime pornography and hentai manga on Luscious.Net!

Most hentai sites are just about cartoon and manga porn. Not, though... They have this, but they also have real porn. In fact, the balance of these two things here is perfect. The site has xxx mangas, and thousands of them you can enjoy! Of course, you won't live forever, motherfucker, so you don't even need this many fap flicks, right? But they do have an awesome in-depth search system here that is very helpful because you can find exactly what you need, so instead of browsing for hours, why not just use this system to find your kinks faster? If you appreciate all these things, you will find them here, and their community is pretty active and engaged as well. I fucking like it! You will see some of the most perverted videos and photos on, but not just drawn porn like on most hentai sites. The selection of smut here is massive! Seriously, if you are an indecisive motherfucker, you will go crazy here! You won't know what to do, you will fucking cry! Yes, you wanted those tissues for the jizz, but they will end up for your tears! In fact, these will be the tears of both joy and exasperation because you will appreciate the amount of content, but it will also fucking frustrate you because you will never know what to do in this maze of smut! And since this is not the most well-organized site you will find, that is even more frustrating.

We need more real life sluts in different sex situations!

Since I am being honest, here's what else you need to know! Their categories are actually inconsistent, but that is not what I hate the most about I don't like how most of these real smut videos are just a bunch of women who are being auditioned... So, these are some casting porn videos. From a site like this, I expected more diversity... I do want to see more categories, and more real porn. They don't really have too many categories, just lesbian, 3D hentai, video games, superhero, Western, interracial and... well, standard hentai shit. Gay fappers will also have a blast because the site does approve of them and you have gay smut as well. When you start checking out the videos section, you will see the trending fuck flicks first, and nothing here is too wow! You may even feel underwhelmed. You have a bunch of filters to play with, though. It is kind of fun. You have furry manga Luscious scenes, hentai captions and hentai art, futa captions, femboy hentai scenes and of course, futanari manga. These hentai flicks are pretty delicious for those who gravitate towards this shit. Hentai porn might not be my favorite thing. I prefer real sluts, so I was very excited to explore that part of site. But I think they should add more diversity because who wants to watch casting fuck flicks all the time? Think about it, Luscious admins!

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  • Pros

    Both drawn and real porn

  • Pros

    Tons of xxx mangas

  • Pros

    A perfect search system

  • Pros

    Engaged community


  • Cons

    Not so perfect organization

  • Cons

    Inconsistent category selection

  • Cons

    Real porn here is not diverse

  • Cons

    Too many casting videos

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