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PornHub This sounds Familiar sheriff!

You bet your fucking arse it does son! Don’t try and pretend you have never heard of this site before, Me and you both know that you have been dogging this site every time your fat mrs goes and does the weekly food shop at lidl! And we all know Porn hub is one of the biggest names in the porn industry! So don’t play dumb with me mother fucker! This porn tube site right here does not fuck about when it comes to raw xxx content, They show the most sluttiest bitches there is in full force action, Stuffing there pussys with hard throbbing cocks and loving every god dam minute of it.

Ok..Ok You Caught Me Out Sheriff! But How Often Does This Site Get Updated?

You god dam right i caught you out motherfucker! I aint no stupid prick i am the fucking sheriff remember? Ok so anyway… back to your intelligent question. Hmmm….. Porn hub never stops adding fresh new content to there site, Every day there is fresh new content added on to pornhub, Alot of horny couples like making homemade xxx porn videos  and uploading them onto porn hub, I wouldn’t be surprised if you came across your ex girlfriend on here getting stuffed in a gangbang scene by 7 big black cocks! Hey even the sheriff will probably come across his ex bird on here stuffing her saggy pussy with a cucumber the fucking slag!

How Long Are the Videos Sheriff?

Well don’t expect to find full 90 minute 4k movie  streaming movies on here pal! If you are looking for that kind of content head over to my (premium porn sites list) here you will find the best selection of 4k ultra HD movies! So…. back to your question hmm…. the average video size on pornhub would be around 8-10 minutes long. but don’t worry that will be long enough for you! You wouldn’t even be able to out stand a 1 minute porn flick without exploding your load all over your step sisters knickers. Here i will even attach a perfect 1 minute fuck flick for you and see if you can handle the XXX content, Take a look at this fuck flick

Does this remind you of anyone? . So….. how did that go for you then did you manage to keep the seamen in your ball sack or did it fly out that japs eye of yours? So… anyway all jokes aside feel free to check out this website and click the link below. Enjoy motherfuckers!

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  • Pros

    Lots of videos

  • Pros

    Updated daily

  • Pros

    Clean design

  • Pros

    Easy to navigate


  • Cons

    Adverts on some videos

  • Cons

    There is a few short videos

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