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Fuck The Hottest Chicks With Dicks On Tranny Simulator 

The sheriff judges no one. As long as you are horny and you want to struck your dick to something, no matter what it is, you have the sheriff’s blessing. And if your kink is all about chicks with dicks, then so be it. Not only that I tolerate that, but I encourage you to explore your sexuality no matter what that means. That’s why I recommend Tranny Simulator, the hottest hardcore sex game on the web in which you can feel like fucking a shemale, or in which you can actually be a shemale. This game is so realistic and has so much gameplay time with enough variety to please all of your kinks regarding the transsexual fantasy. 

Fuck A Tranny Or Be One

There is so much you can enjoy in this game. On the one hand, you can play as a man and fuck a hot tranny from POV perspective. You can fuck her ass and watch her cum on her belly, you can have her suck on your dick while stroking her own lady cock, or you can have her fuck you if you’re into getting dominated by a shemale. On the other hand, you can play as a shemale. In this case, you can have tranny on tranny experiences, but also you can fuck a man or be fucked by one. And there’s a lot more you can enjoy with this game. It offers tranny gang bang simulation, in which you can enjoy so many chicks with dicks rubbing each other’s lady cocks and fucking until they’re all covered in cum. You will be one of them. You can even satisfy your most twisted fantasies, with some gender bender action in which the hottest characters from cartoons and anime are turned into shemales. 

Play On All Your Devices

The sheriff recommends playing these games on computer. That’s because the graphics are too good and enjoying them on a big screen will give you the most immersive experience. But if you’re hiding your shemale fantasy from your wife or if you want to play some tranny sex games while you’re getting horny at work, then you can play Tranny Simulator on your phone too. Just make sure you’re locking that bathroom door. You will be drawn into this virtual reality so well that you might not pay attention to the surroundings. And you really don’t want to be caught by your wife all covered in cum while you play as a shemale getting her ass filled with hard dick in a video game on your phone. No matter what device you choose, you’ll be able to play this game in your browser. Any browser will do and you don’t need to register on the site or to download and install anything before you play. Just hit the play button and you’re all set. Enjoy your shemale fantasy with wild hardcore gaming in the Tranny Simulator sex game tonight! 

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  • Pros

    All Kinds Of Shemale Sex

  • Pros

    Tranny Gang Bang

  • Pros

    Play From Both Male And Shemale Perspective


  • Cons

    Game Is Too Dirty For Pussies

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